Since its incarnation in 2011 Kim’s Convenience has taken Canada by storm coast to coast. Even marking the place as the first Canadian produced television series starring the Immigrant family as the main plot characters. Finally, the touring play has come to Montreal with the original cast. As a special feature of the show today, we will introduce Kim’s convenience along with an interview with the play writer Choi Ins.

2011년 데뷰이래 “킴스 컨비니언스(김씨네 편의점)”는 캐나다 전역에서 엄청난 인기를 끌어왔습니다. “킴스 컨비니언스”는 현재 캐나다 최초로 이민가정을 주인공으로 한 텔레비전 시트콤 시리즈로도 방영이 되고 있습니다. 그리고 드디어 오리지날 캐스트의 연극 무대를 몬트리올에서도 즐길 수 있게 되었습니다. 오늘 방송 특별 코너로 “킴스 컨비니언스”의 최인 작가와의 인터뷰 전해드리면서 더자세한 연극내용 소개해 드립니다.

The play writer Choi Ins was born in Korea but immigrated to Canada at young age and was raised in Toronto. He studied the theater program at York University and began his career as an actor. After years, he decided to write his own play, which brought forth Kim’s Convenience.

극작가 최인씨는 한국에서 태어나 어린나이에 캐나다로 이민을 온 후 토론토에서 자랐습니다. 요크대학교에서 연극학과를 졸업한 후 연기자로서 데뷰를 했습니다. 몇년 후, 본인만의 극을 쓰기 시작했고 “킴스 컨비니언스”를 탄생시켰습니다.
The comic play centers around the raw struggles and hilarious laughter between the hardworking first generation Korean immigrant parents, “Appa” and “Umma”, and their second generation independent children, “Janet” and “Jung” in their stereotypical convenience store. By the way, Appa means father  and Umma means mother in Korean.

“킴스 컨비니언스”는 코믹 연극이며 1세 한국이민가정의 부모와 2세 자녀들 사이의 갈등과 재미있는 에피소드들을 주제로 다룹니다. 아빠, 엄마,자넷, 정 4명의 주인공이 나옵니다.

Appa has given up his whole life to work the store for his children in hopes that they will achieve greater things in life. He now faces “no exit plan” against retirement age, gentrification of the neighborhood and no one to take over his legacy. Though he spoke with a thick Korean accent the audience laughed and cried with him. His raw emotions and sometimes crude humor resonated universally with audience of all gender and age.

아빠는 자신의 인생을 포기한채 자녀들이 성공할 수 있도록 작은 가게를 운영합니다. 그리고 이제 그는 은퇴할 나이가 다 되어 계획없는 후년에 대해 걱정하게 됩니다. 상점 주변 동네가 고급 주택화되고있는 가운데 상점을 이어갈 후계자 또한 없습니다. 극중 아빠는 한국인만의 특유한 영어발음으로관객들을 웃기기도하고 또 관객들을 감동시켜 울리기도 합니다. 감춤이 없는 감정들과 투박한 유머로 남녀노소 모두를 공감케 합니다.

Janet is 30, she is “still single, ready to mingle”, making her parents antsy for her marriage; and has chosen to be a photographer against her parent’s will. The older brother, Jung, who as a child was “smarter, faster and stronger” than his peers giving Appa and Umma big expectations, has run away from home and now living a not so “glorious” adulthood.

30살의 딸, 자넷은 결혼문제로 부모님께 걱정을 끼칩니다. 또한 부모님의 바램과는 달리 사진작가가 되고싶어합니다. 그리고 그녀의 오빠 정은 어려서부터 남들보다 더 똑똑하고 빠르고 건강해 부모님께 큰 기대를 안겨주었었지만 현재는 집을 나가살며 그닥 모범적인 삶을 살고 있지는 않습니다.


(Interview clip: 1. how he began writing the play)

Voko interview team was given the opportunity to interview the original play writer of Kim’s convenience, Choi Ins. We asked how he began to write the play.

그럼, 지금 부터 극작가 최인씨와의 인터뷰들어 보도록 하겠습니다. 우선 어떻게 이 시나리오를 쓰게되었는지 물어보았습니다.

토론토에 있는 푸젠 (Fu-GEN) 이라는 아시아계 캐나다인 제작사를 통해 글을 쓰다  캐나다에있는아시아인들의 삶을 보여주는 극을 만들어보자고 하여 “킴스 컨비니언스”를 쓰기 시작하게 되었다고합니다.


(Interview clip: 2. which character he resonates with)

We asked which character in the play he resonates himself the most with.

작가 본인이 가장 공감하는 극중 캐릭터는 누구인지 물어보았습니다.

아직 미혼일때 시나리오를 쓰기 시작하여 당시에는 극중 아이들에게…시나리오를 쓰는 중 결혼을하고 나의 두 아이들이 생기니깐  극중 ‘아빠’와 ‘엄마’에게 더 공감이 갔다고 하네요. 사실상 나중에는모든 배역에게 공감을 가지게 되었다합니다.


(Interview clip: 3. future plans)

Lastly, we asked about his future plans.

최인 작가의 앞으로의 계획 한번 들어보시겠습니다.

현재는 여름에 방영할 텔레비젼 시리즈의 두번째 시즌을 준비하고 있으며 몬트리올 연극 공연 후 7월에 뉴욕에 진출할 예정이며 또한 서울에서 작은 프로덕션이 있을 예정이라고 합니다.


The award-winning production of Kim’s Convenience began as a vignette in 2005 under Fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company. It was the smash hit of the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival and since become the most celebrated and widely seen new Canadian play in recent history touring coast to coast under Soulpepper Theatre. In 2016, CBC launched the hit sitcom TV series with the original play cast under the same name. It has received 11 Canadian Screen Awards nominations.

아시아계 캐나다인 극단인 푸젠에서 2005년 단품극으로 출발한 “킴스 컨비니언스”는  2011년 프린지 페스티벌에서 크게 주목받았으며 2016년 CBC에 방영된 후 현재까지 11개상을 수상하며 캐나다전역에서 인기몰이를 하고 있습니다.

The Montreal production will feature original cast members Appa, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, winner of the Toronto Theatre Critic’s Award for Best Actor, and Umma, Jean Yoon, a Gemini Award nominee, who are also seen in the TV series. The deep yet awfully personal and hilariously loving Kim family welcomes the audience at the Segal Theatre by March 19.

이번 몬트리올 연극 프로덕션은 텔레비전 시리즈의 출연진이 그대로 나오는데요, ‘아빠’역할을 맡으며 토론토 연극 비평가 시상식에서 최고의 연기자상을 받은 폴 이선형씨 그리고 ‘엄마’역할을 맡으며제미니 시상식에서 후보에 오른 잔 윤씨가 그 주인공들입니다. “킴스 컨비니언스”은 시걸극장에서 3월19일까지 상연합니다.