Korean News

Moon Jae-in becomes a next Korean president

문재인 더불어민주당 대선 후보가 당선되었습니다


Book Story

“Justice Man” written by Do Seon-woo who made his debut by being awarded with huge literary prizes

신예작가 도선우의 장편소설 “저스티스맨”


Montreal Korean News

The 19th Edition Literary Award for Overseas Koreans

제19회 재외동포문학상


Culture and Sports News

A new anthology of poems by Korean-American poets:“Ebb and Flow” is published

워싱턴 지역에서 활동하는 문인들이 영시집 “밀물과 썰물”을 펴냈습니다


VOKO Cinema

A detective film, “The Sheriff in town” which is based around a beach in Busan

부산을 배경으로 하는 코믹 로컬 수사극 “보안관”


Montreal Event

Free Korean Movies Under The Stars

무료 야외 한국영화 상영