After the screening of ‘The Villainess’ at Concordia Hall building, we interviewed an audience. We asked why he chose this movie and his impressions about Korean films.

콩코디아 빌딩에서 상영된악녀 관객의 소감을 취재해 보았습니다. 영화를 선택하게 되었는지 그리고 한국영화에 대한 생각 또한 물어보았습니다.


(Clip #1 ‘악녀상영 후 관객 인터뷰)

개막작이기 때문에 선택하게 되었고 예고편을 보고 감탄하여 보러오게 되었다고 합니다. 실제로 영화도 굉장히 대단했다고 하네요. 이번에 한국영화를 보고 반하여서 앞으로도 계속해서 한국영화에 대한 기대가 크다고 합니다.


After the screening a press conference was held for director Jeong. He was asked how the movie was created.

영화가 마친 정병길 감독의 기자회견이 있었습니다. 기자회견중 어떻게 영화가 만들어 졌는지 질문에 대한 정병길 감독의 대답을 들어보겠습니다.


(Clip #2 영화가 어떻게 만들어 졌는지)

Director Jeong says that when he first started creating the movie, he did not focus on the action but on the drama. The focus was the sorrowful story of one woman, a woman who had no choice but to be a villainess. Then he put the action on top of the drama line.


He was asked what the difficulties were while shooting the movie.

영화를 제작하는 과정에서 힘들었던 점에 대해 질문 했습니다.


(Clip #3 제작 과정에서 힘들었던 점)


He says that everything was difficult, but especially the action scenes on the bus was difficult. In addition, the scene with rain was particularly hard because he had to make rain during winter when it was cold.


It seems like ‘The Villainess’ did a good job as the opening film. There were also two other Korean films screened last week. Both ‘The Senior Class’ and ‘Confidential Assignment’ were successfully brought to the audience. 

영화악녀 개막작으로써 훌륭한 역할을 해낸것 같습니다. ‘악녀이외에도 저번주에 두편의 다른 한국 영화들이 상영을 하였는데요, 졸업반과 공조 작품 모두 인기리에 상영을 마쳤습니다.