We have introduced ‘House of the Disappeared’ last time as a film with unique genre of horror and thriller. Director Lim explained us about the genre that is not commonly dealt in Korea.

독특한 호러, 스릴러 장르의 영화시간위의 저번 보코 시네마 시간에도 소개해 드렸는데요. 한국에선 다루지 않는 영화의 장르를 감독님이 직접 설명해 주셨습니다.


(Clip #1 장르 소개)

The genre of ‘House of the Disappeared’ is a mix of mystery and horror. The colour of horror of haunted house is remarkable in this movie.


He also told us about the part that he focused the most while shooting the movie.

또한 영화를 촬영하는데 있어서 가장 신경썻던 부분에 대해서도 설명해 주셨습니다.


(Clip #2 가장 신경쓴 부분)

‘House of the Disappeared’ is a horror movie but at the same time, the mother’s instinctive love had to be exceptionally portrayed. The horror effects lie mostly on directing but expressing the emotions depend on the actors, so we had to put a lot of efforts to help them fully express their emotions.


Lastly, he gave a brief introduction of the movie for those who have not yet watched it.

마지막으로, 아직 영화를 보지 못한 보코 청취자들을 위해 짧게 영화를 소개해주셨습니다.


(Clip #3 영화 소개)

In the course of the child being abducted and the husband being murdered, the mother is accused of the case. After 25 years of imprisonment, the mother comes back to the house and tracks down the case.