Korean News

Parliamentary Budget Committee Approves W11Tn Extra Budget Bill

11조 3백여억 원 규모의 정부 추경안이 국회 본회의를 통과했습니다


Book Story

The poet Park Jun’s first prose collection “Although crying would not change anything”

시인 박준의 첫 산문집 “운다고 달라지는 일은 아무것도 없겠지만”


Montreal Korean News

Presentations for Koreans in Montreal by AKCSE

캐나다한인과학기술자협회 주관 몬트리올 교민초청 특별 강연회


Culture and Sports News

Boryeong Mud Festival Opens

제 20회 보령머드축제



K.A.R.D finally debuted with their very first mini-album “Hola Hola”

혼성그룹 카드가 첫 미니앨범 “홀라 홀라” 발표


VOKO Cinema

“House of the Disappeared” directed by Lim Dae-woong

임대웅 감독의 “시간위의 집”


Montreal Event

OSM in the Parks

공원에서 OSM을 만나다