August 2nd, last Wednesday Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival finally came to an end. Numerous movies came from all around the world for three weeks. 13 films from Korea were successfully screened at the festival as well. For today’s voko cinema, we had an interview with Jang Hoon, the director of the closing movie of the festival ‘A Taxi Driver’.

8 2 지난 수요일 몬트리올 국제 판타지아 영화제가 드디어 막을 내렸습니다. 3주간 수많은 영화들이 세계 각지에서 모였었는데요. 13편의 한국영화들이 성황리에 막을 내리게 되었습니다. 오늘 보코시네마 시간에는 이번 영화제의 폐막작을 맡은 한국영화택시운전사 장훈감독님과의 인터뷰 준비해 봤습니다.


Popular actors in Korea, Song Gang-ho, Ryu Jun-yeol, and You Hae-jin got together for this film. ‘A Taxi Driver’ that has its background on the democratization movement in Gwang-ju, Korea on May 18th, 1980 allows the painful history of that day to be brought to us comically but realistically at the same time. The screening at this year’s Fantasia festival was the international premiere and also it was on the same day as its release in Korea. Especially the director of the movie, Jang Hoon visited Montreal to attend the festival and the voko reporters had an opportunity to interview him. We will listen to him now.

인기배우 송강호, 류준열 그리고 유해진이 작품에서 만나 호흡을 맞췄습니다. 1980 5 18 광주에서 일어난 민주화 운동을 배경으로 영화택시운전사 그날의 아픈 역사를 코믹하면서도 현실적으로 우리에게 다가오게 합니다. 이번 영화제에서의 상영이 국제 프리미어이면서 동시에 한국에서의 개봉일과도 같았습니다. 특별히 이번 영화제를 참석하기 위하여택시운전사 감독인 장훈 감독님이 몬트리올을 방문하여 보코 취재팀과 인터뷰를 하게되었습니다. 그럼 인터뷰 내용 다같이 들어보시겠습니다.


First of all, we asked him to introduce the movie for those who have not watched it yet.

먼저 이번 영화에 대해 소개를 부탁드렸습니다.

It is a movie whose background is the democratization movement in Gwang-ju, Korea from May 18th to 27th, 1980. At that time, an ordinary taxi driver in Seoul gives a lift to a reporter from Germany. He is offered one hundred thousand won to bring him there and back. He ends up staying there for two days and experiences the historical event.


Now, we asked him about difficulties while shooting the film.

작품을 만들면서 힘들었던 점에 대해서 물어봤습니다.

While shooting the film, the weather was a difficulty. Now days, summer in Korea got hotter. The actors had to be in an old taxi vehicle a lot. There was no air conditioning and the space was very small, so it was very hot inside the car.


마지막으로 이번 영화를 보시는 분들에게 전하고자 하는 메세지가 무엇인지 물어봤습니다.

To Korean people, it is a painful and tragic event in contemporary history. In some parts, it still remains as a trauma and it is a difficult subject to deal with. In such tragedy, as humans people help each other and it was ordinary people who overcame it. I wish to give hopes to people who watch this.


‘A Taxi Driver’ is watched by 4.3 million people during the first week of its release. With many positive reviews by people who watched it, it is certainly becoming the biggest movie of this year in Korea.

택시운전사 현재 한국서 개봉 주말 430 관객을 돌파하여 엄청난 흥행을 하고있으며 많은 관객들에게 호평을 받아 올해 최고의 기대작으로서 자리매김을 확실히 하고있습니다.