Author : Choi Eun-mi 최은미

Publisher :Munhakdongne 문학동네

The writer Choi Eun-mi, who demonstrated a solid performance by successively winning the Young People’s Literature Awards, has already left a clear impression on the readers with her two previous novels. Recently, she presented a full-length novel for the first time. It is ‘The Ninth Wave’ which was published serially in quarterly publication ‘Munhakdongne’ from 2016 summer to 2017 spring. The title during the serial publication was ‘Cheokju’ but after finishing the publication, it was completed with additional 200 pages of manuscript.

젊은작가상을 연달아 수상하며 믿음직한 행보를 보여온 작가 최은미는 이미 두 권의 소설집 “너무 아름다운 꿈”과 “목련정전”으로 독자들에게 선명한 인상을 남겼습니다. 그런 그녀가 처음으로 장편소설을 선보였습니다. 오늘 책 넘기는 소리 시간에는 최은미작가의  2016년 여름부터 2017년 봄까지 계간 「문학동네」에 연재된 작품 “아홉번째 파도”을 소개합니다. 연재 당시 제목은 ‘척주’였지만 연재를 마친 뒤 200매 가량의 원고를 덧붙여 완성된 작품이라고 합니다.

The novel ‘The Ninth Wave’ attracts readers with a strong charisma by revealing secrets behind two cases of murder related to summoning the residents of a market caused by the problem of building a nuclear power plant. A pseudo-religion that is secretly spread, the protagonist who tracks down the past secrets related to a mysterious death….. In Cheokju, a city of desires where it became normal to sharpen a blade against others for small profits, painful incidents occur yet the word that forms the other side of the story and shines is ‘love’.

소설 “아홉번째 파도”는 핵발전소 건립 문제로 촉발된 시장 주민소환 사건을 큰 줄기 삼아 두 건의 살인사건에 얽힌 비밀을 서서히 드러내며 강력한 흡인력으로 독자를 끌어당깁니다. 여기에 은밀하게 퍼져 있는 사이비 종교집단, 의문의 죽음에 얽힌 과거의 비밀을 추적해나가는 주인공……. 조금의 이득이라도 얻기 위해 상대를 향해 날을 세우는 게 일상이 된 욕망의 도시 척주에서, 일어나는 고통스러운 사건들, 그러나 이야기의 다른 한 축을 이루며 빛을 발하는 단어는 바로 ‘사랑’입니다.
 The novel ‘The Ninth Wave’ leaves a greater afterglow because there are characters who do not give up walking toward each other even through a storm of conspiracy and anxiety that exist throughout the story. The movement of love among Seo Sang-hwa who is a public service worker who works at a health center, Yoon Tae-jin who is a secretary of the congressman of the city of Cheokju, and Song In-hwa who is a pharmacist and also an ex-lover of Yoon Tae-jin is also another     force that drives ‘The Ninth Wave’

스토리의 전면에 흐르는 음모와 불안의 소용돌이 속에서도 서로를 향해 걸어들어가는 일을 끝까지 포기하지 않는 인물들이 있기에 소설‘아홉번째 파도’가 주는 감동은 더 큰 여운을 남깁니다. 보건소에서 근무하는 공익근무 요원 서상화와 척주시 국회의원 보좌관인 윤태진, 그리고 윤태진의 옛 애인이자 보건소 약무주사보인 송인화, 이 세 인물 사이를 오가는 사랑의 움직임은 『아홉번째 파도』를 이끌어가는 또 하나의 원동력입니다.

The Author Choi was born in 1978 in Injae, Kwangwon. In 2008, she began to write as her short novel ‘Crying’ was introduced in the recommendation of new face in ‘Modern Literature’. Choi is evaluated to be outstanding at effectively describing complicated emotions that humans feel with unique persistent portrayals. Perhaps that is why her novels are described as elaborate, dense, and bitter. As delicate narration and detailed depiction are necessary elements of full-length novels that process the stories with a long tempo, the trust her work gives is special.

최은미 작가는 1978년 강원 인제에서 태어났습니다. 2008년 『현대문학』 신인추천에 단편소설 “울고 간다”가 당선되면서 작품활동을 시작했습니다. 최은미 작가는 인간이기에 느끼는 복잡한 감정들을 특유의 끈질긴 묘사를 통해 수면 위로끌어올리는 데 탁월하다는 평가를 받고 있습니다. 그래서일까요, 그녀의 소설은 ‘치밀한’ ‘밀도 높은’ ‘지독한’ 같은 수식어들로 평가되기도 합니다. 정교한 서사와 디테일한 묘사는 긴 호흡으로 이야기를 이끌어가는 장편이 갖춰야 할 요건이기도 해서 그녀의 작품이 주는 신뢰감은 특별합니다.

“The Ninth Wave”, which can be certainly defined as a mystery thriller and a political thriller, is a novel that digs up the desire, madness, anxiety, and pains of man. Yet it is also a romance novel that beautifully portrays the earnestness of ‘the work of human loving another’. ‘The Ninth Wave’, which attracts the readers with the power of narration that is delicate and firm, not scattering the diverse streams of the story, is clearly an extraordinary achievement that the recent Korean novels have accomplished.

미스터리 소설로도, 정치 스릴러로도 손색없는 소설 “아홉번째 파도”는 인간의 욕망과 광기, 불안과 고통을 파헤치는 심리소설이면서 ‘사람이 사람을 사랑하는 일’의 절실함을 아름답게 그려낸 멜로소설이기도 합니다. 이처럼 다양한 이야기의 갈래를 한순간도 흩뜨리지 않으면서 끝까지 견고하고 정밀한 서사의 힘으로 독자를 몰입시키는 “아홉번째 파도”는 분명 최근 한국소설이 이룬 보기 드문 성과인 듯 합니다.