Today we have Andy Oh(Vice President, MECA)  to talk about uncoming event, Next generation Conference organized by KMAM (Korean Mentoring Association of Montreal).

지난주에 이어 오늘도  매길대학교 MECA에서 활동 중인 오상훈 부회장을 스튜디오에 초대했습니다. 11월25일에  있을  차세대 컨퍼런스에 관한 유용한 정보 정보 들려 주실 것입니다. 


What does KMAM stand for? Could you give us a brief introduction about KMAM?

KMAM에 대해서 간단한 소개 부탁드립니다.

KMAM stands for Korean Mentoring Association of Montreal. KMAM is Korean based Non-Profit Organization for next young generation that connects experienced senior members in diverse areas of study with Korean-Canadian students. 


I heard there is an upcoming event on November 25th. Could tell us a bit about the event?

이번주 토요일 11월 25일에 한인학생들을 위한 네트워킹 이벤트가 있다고 들었는데, 행사에 대해 좀 설명해 주시기 바랍니다. 

The event name is KMAM conference. Students will be able to attend group sessions where they will be able to learn about specific fields of studies ranging from Business to Medicine from experienced professionals. They will also get a chance to talk to them face to face, ask questions, and even dine together at the end. The conference will take place at Trottier Building in McGill University from 2PM. KMAM will accept on spot registration but I highly recommend registering online first through KMAM Facebook page. Keep in mind that the online registration is due by tomorrow (Wednesday)


So I hear that it’s a mentoring event. Then what kind of students can have this opportunity? Is there a specific subject that I should be studying to attend this event to meet a mentor?

멘토링 이벤트라고 하셨는데, 누구를 대상으로 준비한 행사입니까? 현지사회에 진출한 한인 멘토들이 많이 초대 되었다고 들었는데 더 자세한 내용 좀 부탁드립니다.

KMAM is continuously working to accommodate more diverse professional subjects every year, ranging from media and arts to science and engineering. Due to its popularity, the conference will definitely have a great focus on medicine and law. This year however, the business/startup side of the conference grew significantly as well. In fact, 2017 conference is looking forward to seeing the greatest number of mentors attending all the way from New York and Ottawa so we highly encourage everyone to come, regardless of their major. Personally, last year, I had a chance to talk face to face with a computer science/digital marketing mentor from BDC which definitely helped me open my eyes to the management world. 


Where can we find more information about this?

행사에  관한 정보는 어디서 찾을수 있을까요?

You can find the information on KMAM’s Facebook Page. If that is too hard to find, please look at MECA’s Facebook Page instead. You will easily be able to find the link to the former through us.