Today we invited two members of McGill Korean Students’ Society and have chance to know about KSS.

Hello, my name is Seung Hoon, or Max Shin. I currently am U2 majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. I currently am working as the president of McGill Korean Students’ Society.

Hello, my name is Seung Won Joeng. I am an international student at McGill, and I am studying Computer Science. I am doing VP social & affairs at KSS in this year.

KSS stands for Korean Students’ Society. McGill KSS was first organized in 1980, with newly-elected presidents each year and team of executives to help organize various helpful events. The goal of KSS is to help Korean students in McGill academically and socially, and build a community that grows by helping each other.

KSS holds various events that allows Korean students in McGill to interact with each other. The events include academic events like Faculty Meet-Up and social events like OT, MT, or Ski Trip. Faculty Meet-Up, this year, was held in collaboration with another Korean culture group called MECA. We’ve invited people already working in the field or senior students to give chance to ask questions about how they found their jobs, how it really is like working in certain fields, or even tips like what courses to take for electives. OT, on the other hand, is a social event done in Atti. We invite freshmen and senior students to interact, give tips on McGill or Montreal life. MT and Ski Trip are two retreats we do, one in Fall semester and the other in Winter semester. Ski Trip will be held in January 12th to 14th, and official flyers will be out soon.

To join the events, you can always let one of the executive members know, or just show up at the event location at the right time unless event is notified to be full. It is open to everyone, but the language used is mainly Korean.Each year, elections are held around March for all executive spot including the president to work for one year, two semesters.

For events like OT and Faculty Meet-Up, it was $30 with unlimited drinks. MT was $65, and Ski-Trip will be $130. More information can be found on our facebook page, McGill KSS.